Making the decision to attend pharmacy technician school is a great step towards a rewarding career in a growing and secure field. However, the decision making process does not end here. Many factors should be considered when selecting your educational path. For starters, taking into consideration the state regulations for pharmacy technicians where you would like to work, will you be pursuing your certification, diploma or degree as a pharmacy technician? Finances often play a role in this decision as well, since programs range from six months for certification to two years in length for an Associates Degree. Hence, a cost-benefit analysis is necessary. There is rarely an argument made, though, that doesn't support gaining the highest level of education possible. Degrees offered by accredited universities, both online and in a campus setting, offer extensive study beyond the basic requirements of the certification exam that will prove beneficial when entertaining employment options. That is to say, with a degree you can entertain options, with certification, you are eligible for employment in a narrow sector with little opportunity for growth and a correlating starting salary.

Choosing an Accredited Pharmacy Tech School

Educational opportunities today are growing exponentially, giving students the opportunity to learn from anywhere, be it in their home, or in the classroom. With a seemingly countless number of programs, both online and on campus, combined with the options put forth in different levels of pharmacy technician programs, choosing the appropriate school can prove to be daunting, to say the least.

Once you have selected the level of education you wish to receive, finding an appropriate program that is accredited is the next task at hand. Taking into account your personal preferences for scheduling and learning style, and combining that with both, an institution that has received acknowledgement by a regional or national agency that is recognized by the US Department of Education, as well as the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), will prove advantageous. Given the nature of online study and the onslaught of available programs, this is a key criterion for selecting a worthwhile pharmacy tech school, and will be a direct reflection on your credentials as a graduate seeking employment. Finding ASHP accredited institutions is simplified by using their search engine, available through their website at

Since your educational experience is likely to be the catalyst for career growth, selecting a school is a process that should be met with diligent research, sincere dedication, and an authentic understanding of self, as a student and prospective employee. One thing is for certain, asking questions and utilizing resources like the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education will prove invaluable in both selecting a pharmacy technician school, and setting you on an efficient and effective career path.