There are many ways to go about becoming a pharmacy technician; the real question is how far do you want to take your career? Knowing your options and selecting a clear and deliberate path will help you achieve your goals and increase your earning potential. That being said, self-assessment is the first step in becoming a pharmacy technician. Given that the medical field is a competitive professional environment, offering job security and a promising income, evaluating your level of commitment to employment is essential. You ought to ask yourself: Am I looking to qualify for a job, or am I interested in a lifelong career?

The Decision to Become a Pharmacy Tech

This question may seem remedial, but it is vitally important when deciding how much time, money, and effort you plan to invest in your education and, ultimately, your potential career. Depending on the state you wish to work in, if certification is not required, becoming a pharmacy technician can be as simple as having your High School Diploma and making the best impression in a job interview. However, your income will definitely reflect your level of education, and related work history.

For those wanting to gain the knowledge and experience to acquire certification, and subsequently, a better starting wage, a pharmacy technician training program is an excellent choice. These programs can range from six months to a year in length, and provide preparation especially geared towards completing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). Often times, students will also complete externships to help them gain hands-on experience and learn more about their potential work environments. While gaining training and certification are not always required, they offer peace-of-mind to employers, and show a candidate's initiative.

The most dedicated of potential pharmacy technicians will make a commitment to gaining their Associates Degree within the concentration. These two-year programs offer extensive education and specialized training, making graduates a valuable addition to any pharmacy, be it in a retail or hospital setting. What is more, pharmacy technicians that decide to continue their education in pursuit of becoming a licensed pharmacist will be ahead of the curve.

The Final Step to Becoming a Pharmacy Technician

Once you have decided on your path to becoming a pharmacy technician, preparing a detailed yet concise resume, including all relevant training and certifications, will help catch the eye of prospective employers. Crafting a cover letter is also a great opportunity to showcase your goals and personality, as well as demonstrate your ability to communicate professionally in writing. This combination of training and professionalism will surely land you a job as a pharmacy technician.